SIRIUS Partners Hong Kong SAR was established in 2009. Today, the two main Partners are Hubert Tam and Jens E. Soderlund. Drawing on their deep experience within banking and asset management as well as executive search, Hubert and Jens offer the market a fresh, innovative and high calibre search alternative to the Asia Pacific market. Collectively, Hubert and Jens draw on over 20 years of experience in the Financial Executive Search industry and over 21 years of experience in Banking & Finance. Both spent the formative years of their careers working at a variety of Tier 1 financial institutions, in several of the world’s financial capitals, including Hong Kong, London and New York.

SIRIUS Partners China PRC was established in 2011 with offices in both Shanghai and Shenzhen with the aim of deepening our Asia focus. The main Partner of our China business is Philip Lam. Prior to setting up the China business, Philip spent 8 years in the China financial executive search industry. Providing a solid foundation to his search career is the 20 years of experience Philip gained working within China’s financial markets.

SIRIUS Partners Australia was established in 2011 with an office in Sydney CBD, with the aim of providing greater cross-border coverage for our global clients. The main Partner of our Australian business is Ms. Ceri-Anne Smith. Prior to establishing the Australian office, Ceri spent a number of years in the financial executive search industry in London and Hong Kong.

At SIRIUS Partners Asia Pacific we are unified in the pursuit of excellence: achieving innovative, efficient and strategic solutions for both clients and candidates is the core aim of our business. We believe strongly in maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality, trust and integrity within our industry.

Our corporate identity & logo is inspired by the actual Hieroglyph. α CMa (Sirius; Alpha Canis Major) is the brightest star in the night sky and is twice the mass of our Sun. In Astrological terms, Sirius is considered the Sun of the Sun, the central fixed star of our galaxy.  It is said to produce great things from small beginnings and to bring honour, wealth, prominence, faithfulness and devotion. The Chinese knew it as Lang Hsing, 天狼星 (tiān láng xīng; tenrōsei) or as “White than Wolf” (literally the heavenly wolf star).